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Following a week of successful customer meetings in Japan, LGR took center stage today with a keynote address at the Oracle Exadata Summit in Tokyo. Marking the official launch of Exadata in Japan, the Summit not only provided an eager audience with a full briefing on Exadata and the HP-Oracle Database Machine, but also showcased a highly impressive demonstration of the Database Machine’s performance advantages over traditional architectures.

Grant Salmon, CEO of LGR Telecommunications
Grant Salmon speaks at the Exadata Summit in Tokyo

Following a detailed technical briefing from Juan Loaiza, SVP of System Technologies at Oracle, LGR took the stage in the form of Grant Salmon, CEO of the company. Salmon’s presentation provided insight on how LGR had already experienced the benefits of Exadata’s technical leadership, and was translating this into tangible business value for it’s customers.

“We started beta-testing Exadata back in 2007, and following extensive benchmark testing against our large production sites, we able to show a 20x overall improvement in performance,” points out Salmon. “This translates into obvious benefits in terms of the agility and productivity of the large telco data warehouses that LGR operates around the globe.”

But Salmon maintains that the Exadata performance benefits will be felt far beyond the data center, and that organizations should prime themselves for entirely new ways of doing business.

Grant Salmon explains the business benefits of Exadata

“We’ve seen massive benefits in areas such as data mining and predictive analytics,” says Salmon. “Projects such as Competitor Analysis, Churn Prediction and Social Network Analysis – we are not only able to do more with the brute power of Exadata, but we have shorter development cycles and far greater flexibility in design. It’s fair to say that we are now able to do things that until a few months ago were deemed to be either too time consuming, too costly, or just downright impossible.”

Following the event, Salmon and his colleagues also joined the Oracle team in providing a detailed post-summit briefing to assembled analysts from the likes of Gartner, Forrester and IDC. Much of the discussion centered on the impact of Exadata’s extreme performance on business operations, and LGR was able to provide numerous case examples drawn from its global operations. It also provided deeper insight into the implications for industries with particularly high data volumes – such as telecommunications – and used its quad-play customer in Thailand (one of the first Exadata adopters) as a prime example.

Salmon and Loaiza shake on it after the Summit

Summing up the event as well as LGR’s experiences thus far on its APAC tour, Salmon was extremely positive. “We had excellent meetings with the likes of Softbank and NTT DoCoMo, and look forward to further positive developments when we move on to meet with network operators in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Indonesia in the coming weeks,” he said.

“It was also a great privilege to be a part of the launch of Exadata in Japan, a country that has historically been not only a pioneer in telecommunications, but also an area of great success for our partner Oracle. We are very grateful for the generous hospitality shown to us by the Oracle Japan team, and certainly look forward to working closely with them in the months and years ahead.”

For more on Exadata: http://www.oracle.com/exadata

To visit the Oracle Japan website: http://www.oracle.co.jp