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Newly arrived at LGRSA is Deaan Koekemoer, a 24-year old happily single guy, originally from Klerksdorp in the North Western province. Having obtained his MCPD certification at Potchefstroom CTU in 2009, he is keenly interested in learning more about the complexities of software development, specifically in LGR’s field of expertise – telecommunications. He will be joining the Parser team, under Hannes’ skilled mentorship, and will be tasked with creating rule sets and implementing coding changes.

A self-confessed online gaming fanatic who goes by the name Lomz (or Lomek, depending on the online gaming community), Deaan spends his free time “clearing out dungeons with swords and lasers” which, he says, is more fun than kicking a ball. He enjoys “a good challenge, e-sports, a warm cup of coffee, most metal genres and almost anything to do with computers”.

In an uncanny stroke of co-incidence, Deaan, like most LGR’ians, strongly dislikes bad traffic and rude people. Interestingly enough, he also dislikes a “too-easy” challenge. I’m sure we will be able to accommodate you on this one, Deaan!

So there you have it, Deaan Koekemoer, Junior Developer: Parsers. Welcome to the LGR family Deaan; we hope you have a great time here and that you use every opportunity to grow in skill, knowledge and understanding.

Text by Karen Nel (Document Administrator for LGR)