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Hannes van Rooyen, chief architect at LGR, today officially received his award as Oracle’s Data Warehouse Architect of the Year for 2008. Honored at a lunchtime function during the annual Oracle OpenWorld conference, Van Rooyen was named the winner in the DW Architect category as a result of many years of success with extremely large data Oracle warehouses, as well as his deep involvement in the beta-testing of Oracle’s latest data warehousing solutions – Oracle Exadata and the Oracle Database Machine.

Speaking immediately after the awards ceremony, Van Rooyen gave some insight into the reasons for his success. “LGR has been an important Oracle partner for many years through our pioneering work in the field of data warehousing, and I have been fortunate to work with a great number of excellent colleagues at Oracle who have shared in our success around the world,” he said. “Oracle’s database and associated technologies have proven to be bullet-proof in the environments we’re running in, and the support we receive globally from the Oracle team is second to none.”

Van Rooyen was particularly enthused about his most recent work with Exadata and the Oracle Database Machine. “They’re marketing it as ‘Extreme Performance’ and a 10x speed-up over traditional systems,” he said, “but frankly, from what I’ve seen I think they’re under-selling it!”

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