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LGR’s Australian office was proud to announce today that the new CDRlive site at Vodafone Fiji has gone live. The project has been undertaken in partnership with Emagine International, which provided the Campaign Management solution that resides alongside the CDRlive data warehouse, together forming a single, best-of-breed system for comprehensive customer experience management.

While one of the smaller networks in the Vodafone Group, the Fijian operation faces familiar challenges as it’s market opens  up to ever-more competitors, and it chose the LGR-Emagine solution as a means to maintain its competitive advantage as well as drive new projects in areas such as customer loyalty, new revenue stimulation and churn management.

Avanthi Senarante, the Chief Marketing Officer at Vodafone Fiji, was clear as to why they chose the LGR-Emagine partnership. “We selected LGR and Emagine because of their vast industry experience around the world,” she said, adding that Vodafone had been “particularly impressed with the results that LGR and Emagine have delivered from previous projects with other large carrier.” LGR and Emagine have also had strong, successful partnerships at Telstra in Australia and True in Thailand.

While the system is still in it’s infancy, Vodafone Fiji has already achieved some respectable results with its first few marketing ventures. For example, a recent campaign targeted at prepaid subscribers most at risk of churn produced a 280% increase in customer retention rates, to say nothing of the obvious positive impacts to the bottom line.

It’s hardly surprising then that Gerda Brand, LGR’s General Manager for the APAC region, is delighted that this new customer was now in production. She believes that the secret to success is the speed of delivery driven off the CDRlive data warehouse. ““With real-time data delivered from CDRlive and the nimbleness of the Emagine platform, Vodafone Fiji has been able to cut response times down to hours, even minutes,” she said. “In a highly competitive market, this can be the difference between winning or losing the customer.”

For more on the Vodafone Fiji launch, see the LGR Press Release here: PR – 20080620 – VF Fiji