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Hadoop Elephant

It is very hard to cope with all the information available in this Information Age. In a similar way, in the technology driven age, organisations are finding it hard to grapple with the amount of data being generated within their intelligent information sensing systems and also customers are finding it hard to interact with their data loaded products.

Globally there is about 2.5 quintillion (2.5×1018) bytes of data and this amount is doubling every 3.5 years. McKinsey aptly termed this as “Big Data” and predicted the big headache it’s going to cause, as well as the big opportunity it will bring in terms of value added to analytics.

Big Data is often perceived as any data that is large and complex to be managed by traditional database systems, but the definition has recently been broadened classifying Big Data as every data that satisfies any of the four V metrics namely; Volume, Variety, Velocity and the newly added one – Value.

Telecommunication operators have been battling with Big Data even before the term was invented. Particularly since the wireless mobile telephony became popular and mobile devices became ubiquitous and essential for the current modern society. The intelligent systems that operate the radio wireless network have been generating vast amounts of data – billions of data records per day for a medium sized operator. This amount of data has been very hard for Telcos to manage, let alone store, process and analyse in any meaningful way.

The information generated by the modern wireless network ticks all the metrics of Big Data, making it the biggest challenge and opportunity for Telcos:

  • Volume: The amount of data generated by these systems is only limited by the capacity of the backend systems. Often radio engineering tends to either turn off the data generation or new data gets deleted immediately to avoid the IT systems from bogging down with data volume.
  • Velocity: As operational systems are now working 24/7, mainly supporting cellular mobile usage, data is being generated constantly. Therefore data handling systems need to adapt rapidly to be able to operate at a pace as close to real time as possible.
  • Variety: With the advent of smartphones and the type of activities modern mobile devices support, customer are using smartphones for much more than just making voice calls.  This means the wireless network is generating much more complex and variable data. One particular trend in the recent past is the explosion of customer related information, which has been unavailable in the past.
  • Value: The data’s inherent value is immense for the organisation specially in understanding its customers’ behaviour. However many Telcos haven’t been able to use the big data to its full potential as they need to overcome the technical challenges first.

LGR has assisted Telcos to overcome the technical obstacles with help of the CDRlive product. New innovations in the database technology such as the Hadoop database have been specifically designed to handle Big Data storage. Such developments provide guidance and support for organisations to gain the value of Big Data unachievable with traditional databases.

LGR Telecommunications welcomes innovations and is gearing towards these new technologies to help customers make better use and manage the ever growing data!

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