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Paul Hartley speaking at the China Telecom EDA Forum, September 3rd, 2010

LGR delivered a keynote presentation today at the China Telecom EDA Forum in Xining, China. Taking the stage along with local Oracle colleagues, Paul Hartley introduced the audience to global examples of innovation in telecom BI and Analytics, before providing a detailed analysis of the best-practice architectures required to achieve and maintain these competitive advantages.

Speaking at the reception after the first day, Hartley was enthusiastic about the event as well as the response from attendees. “We all know that China is a huge telecom market with seemingly unlimited growth potential, so it is a privilege to be invited to speak at this event,” he said. “Its very clear that like many other high-growth regions that LGR is active in, China is moving rapidly from a volume-centric to a value-driven model for enterprise intelligence, and we can expect to see some significant innovation emerging from this market in the next 2-3 years.”

Hartley now moves on to Beijing, where he will be spending time with key executives from China Mobile and China Telecom over the course of next week.