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LGR announced an interesting new launch today – RapidReport, which allows customers to access the data processing and reporting value of CDRlive via a “Software-as-a-Service” (SaaS) model. The rationale is clear: Major network operators such as AT&T, Vodafone, Telstra and MTN already obtain massive value from CDRlive, and both the core technology as well as the business processes around it are very mature. But in order to make the clear benefits of CDRlive accessible to ever-more network operators, regardless of their size or location, a hosted / on-demand was called for.

The RapidReport service utilizes a dedicated instance of CDRlive, hosted within the LGR Data Centers in Atlanta (US), Melbourne (Australia) and Centurion (South Africa). Customers transmit their network data to the RapidReport gateway servers via a choice of secure mechanisms, and it is then processed and enriched in real time by the CDRlive applications, and made available to end users via a choice of presentation layers (e.g. static reports, web portal etc.). And because RapidReport is using EXACTLY the same CDRlive Enterprise Edition software that on-site users have, customers have unlimited access to the same core technology that has been provided significant competitive advantage to the market leaders for over a decade.

The advantages of RapidReport are obvious. Take away the upfront Capital investments, remove the ongoing IT headaches, and place control of Network Intelligence firmly in the hands of the Business which is now able to achieve rapid time to value. And best of all, it’s risk free – customers can try before they buy, and if they choose to use the service, only pay for what they use.

Check out the RapidReport Press Release here

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Or get in touch with the RapidReport team at rapidreport@lgrusa.biz