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Dominique Swart: LGR SA Reception and Switchboard

Posted on: July 22, 2013

Having joined the LGR family on 15 July, Dominique Swart brings a new and exciting flair to the Reception Area at LGR Head Office. Born on 8 March in 1991, this friendly 22-year old will be the first voice you’ll hear when dialling LGR’s main switchboard in South Africa.

In addition to switchboard, Dominique will also be the “Go To” person for your travel arrangements. Need to book car hire? Go to Dominique. Need a visa? Go to Dominique. Need a passport? Go to Dominique. Need flights and accommodation bookings? Go to Dominique. Need to have your vaccinations updated? Go to Dominique. It’s that easy! Sorted!

More frequently though, Dominique will assist you with copying, scanning, e-mailing, and liaising with corporate gifting or events companies. As our unofficial “Events Planner”, she will manage and plan our events, from the catering and venue bookings, right down to the gifting and packaging and couriering.

Dominique’s primary responsibility though is being personal assistant to our Directors and Financial Manager. In this capacity, Dominique will be in a position to create and file the company’s purchase orders, facilitate communication with our preferred vendors and negotiate the best possible rates for expenditure, as delegated to her by Carol.

Dominique has a rare and gracious joy of life. When asked to describe her “likes”, she responds without hesitation: “kids and animals”. This gentle and kindly demeanour is palpable with every encounter. Just as readily though, she admits that her one major “dislike” is reading books. She adds that she is a “picture person” through and through.

So there you have it, in a nutshell. I present to you Dominque Swart: Reception and Switchboard, and Personal Assistant for LGR South Africa. Welcome to LGR Dominique, we hope you’ll enjoy your new home!


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