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LGR and Teradata formally announce their global alliance

Posted on: March 9, 2011

LGR and Teradata today formally announced their global alliance, the culmination of many months of preparation in which LGR conducted extensive testing of Teradata systems and the two companies integrated their worldwide sales and marketing initiatives. The announcement was met with some surprise, given that LGR has traditionally been a long-time Oracle partner, but Grant Salmon, CEO of LGR, explained that this was a natural evolution for his company.

“Our relationship with Oracle remains strong and we have numerous CDRlive sites around the world that continue to operate extremely successfully on Oracle,” he said. “However, our customers were increasingly asking to be given a choice when it came to the DBMS, and Teradata was the logical option. Teradata has a massive presence within  telecommunications and is trusted by operators around the world – including most of our existing customers – as the hardware and DBMS platform of choice for their most strategic business systems. Teradata is also recognized as a market-leader in terms of its performance, and we certainly witnessed this in our testing through 2010, in which it exceeded our most demanding benchmarks.”

Rory Mapstone, CTO of LGR, stated in recent meetings that “Teradata has come at just the right time for LGR. Following the release of CDRlive Version 4 and the growing shift of our business towards systems that support advanced analytics, it has been gratifying to find a partner that not only aligns with our vision but is able to accelerate our progress. Our porting of CDRlive to the Teradata platform has gone better than expected, and we look forward to building on this through 2011 to deliver exciting, first-to-market innovations in telco data warehousing.”

Teradata and LGR are currently engaged with numerous customers around the world, and their global alliance is further strengthened through the strong partnerships that both companies share with other key players in the market such as SAS Institute and Accenture.

Read the Teradata press release here


1 Response to "LGR and Teradata formally announce their global alliance"

Congratulations! The synergies are very clear and I’m sure that the two companies will make for a formidable team.

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