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It is a well known fact that information technology has been a growth engine over the last few decades introducing the digital code and transforming every aspect of life. Not only has it created computers and all the technology that we take for granted, but it has also completely changed the way humans communicate; from old languages with grammatical rules and tenses to a language of zeros and ones.

We now live in a world where handheld device models become obsolete every six months – an unprecedented acceleration of new technologies. These devices produce a stream of data, and the amount of data generated by each and every human is more than anyone ever thought possible. The consequence of this is unprecedented increase in the 1s and 0s … sometimes referred to as “Big Data” and as per the experts in the field, is a trend that is going up in an accelerating manner.


The data volumes and growth rates are so staggering that it is even difficult to comprehend. Comparing data with the volumes of Britannica used to be a common practice which is nowadays a last century idea. Imagine a footy stadium filled with DVDs up to the roof. It would take about nearly 5 billion DVDs each with a capacity of 1 Gigabyte; this is the amount of data we generate each day! For the technically savvy: 2.5 Quintillion bytes per day.

5 billion DVDs was the total amount of data generated by humans since the beginning of mankind until the year 2003.

In 2003 alone, we generated the equivalent to 5 billion DVDs of data.

In 2011 we generated the same volume in 2 days.

This year, 2014, we only take two days and the prediction is that in 2 years time that amount will be created every two seconds!

The future of Big Data shall be interesting indeed.

We don’t want to alarm anyone but we are running out of metric system to describe these amounts. And as you might agree DVDs and footy stadiums are not very scientific. Right now, as per the scientists and folks in charge of metric system, we are in the Zetta byte era, and after that, there’s only one prefix left to describe the amount of data we’re producing: Yotta.

After Yotta — there are literally no words to describe the amount of data we will have in the world.

We will leave it to the scientist to invent new words, but at LGR we are innovating our products to meet the ever increasing demand for applications to process Bigger and Bigger Data. And we are quietly confident that these engineered systems will stand up to the challenge.